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This Agreement is written in English. In case of any conflict with a translation of the text of this Agreement, written in Turkish, Turkish version shall prevail. Under Section (P), outside the borders of the Republic of Turkey on the general conditions affecting users. Please note that certain changes.

Last Modified Date: 1st March 2014

A)Rights, Responsibilities and Obligations of the Parties

This Rights, Responsibilities and Liabilities have been prepared on the basis of the principles World of Skipper, World of Skipper users who interact with the policies that govern the relationship between us and other parties.


1-World of Skipper
World of Skipper, particularly affecting/not affecting the marine and maritime sector for the indirect / direct users (legal or natural) and the other party access via internet social networking website.
2-Users and Other Persons
Users and Other Persons; account holders who became a member of the World of Skipper social networking website, agreed principles of World of Skkiper and accepted the items of this policy.


Your privacy is very important to us. We recommend you that you read this agreement and you use to help you make more informed decisions.

D)Sharing your content and information

All information and content which you shared in World of Skipper belongs to you and you can control how this information are shared through your privacy settings.

1- Photos and videos for the contents within the scope of intellectual property rights such as, by us, which is subject to the privacy settings you grant the following: By us, in conjunction with World of Skipper sharing of intellectual property rights to any content (Intellectual Property License) for us to use a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-license may be assigned, royalty-free, will allocate a bachelor's degree in international. When you delete your content or your account with intellectual property rights, the content is not shared with others, or deleted by these people, it means the end of the validity of the Intellectual Property Licensing.

2- When you delete the contents of the right to intellectual property, the content on the computer in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin will be deleted. However, the deleted content, within a reasonable period of time agree to remain in backup copies (but this information will not be able to reach others).

3-'Public' setting you publish using the information or content means that everyone (including World of Skipper outside parties) accessing this information, and to use this information to you (ie, your name and profile on your image) that are allowed to associate.

4- Your comments and suggestions about World of Skipper are always very important for us, but if we use them you will not agree to any payment obligation (such as whether your requirement in them).


We do our best to ensure that it remains safe for World of Skipper however, we still can not guarantee that our best to ensure for safety. In order to keep World of Skipper safe, we need you to help us by following commitments.

1-You will not publish unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) in World of Skipper.

2-Without our permission in advance, you will not collect or reach other users’ content or information by using automatic tools (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers).

3-You will not establish such as pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing activities in accordance with the law do not solicit.

4-You will not install a virus or other malicious code.

5-You will not demand and reach to the login details belong to someone else.

6-You will not threaten, distrub or molest any other user.

7-You will not publish such contents: hatred and threatening language, pornography,nudity, violence or arbitrary visual. Such as contents and accounts will be banned/deleted by World of Skipper.

8-You will not improve any kind of without complying with the relevant age-based restrictions, alcohol, dating or adult content (including advertisements) to any third party application hosting.

9-You will respect a law if you put in order of any contest, campaign or sweepstakes ("promotion").

10-You will not use World of Skipper in the directoion of illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory purpose.

11-You will do an act that prevent the proper functioning of World of Skipper capacity challenge, slow down or adversely affect the appearance of denial of service attack.

12-You will not support or advice for the violation of principles and items of this agreement.

13-Inconvenience to other people is determined that closing your account if we see fit, and your data will be registered in the name of constituting evidence.

F)Account Safety

1-You will not give any false personal information and you will not create new account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

2-You will not create an account multiple personal.

3-If we close your account, you will not create a new account without our permission.

4-If you are under 13 years of age, you will not use World of Skipper.

5-If you are a proven guilty in a sexual crime, you will not use World of Skipper

6-You will you keep your contact information accurate and up to date.

7-You will not share your password, not to allow others access to your account, or any other actions that would jeopardize the security of your account solicit.

8-You will not transfer your account to anyone without the prior written permission from us.

9-If you select a username for your account identifier or a similar, if we see fit, we can get back to the user name and we reserve the right to remove (for example, the owner of a trademark, the name of a user's real complaint about the case where the user name is not closely related).

10-If have become available on account of the cause of death related to the re-use of the user's account will be authorized account holder of the close family member, In this case, World of Skipper has the right to request relevant documents from of the close family member, if World of Skipper thinks that the documents are not credible or unconvincing, World of Skipper will keep the account and will not transfer.

G)Protection of the Other Rights of Individuals

We respect the rights of other persons and we expect you to do the same.

1-You will not publish rights of others or any content that violates the laws in World of Skipper or you will not do act such as.

2-If we see fit that violates this agreement or our policies about your contents, we can delete or remove your contents.

3-If you continually violate the intellectual property rights of other people, we will close your account if we see fit.

4-You will not use except for copyrights or trademarks (World of Skipper and Logos), or similar brands can lead to confusion without received prior written consent from us.

5-If you get information from other users, you will obey following : you will collect the constent of the people has the information, you will announce that your the source of information (not World of Skipper) and you will declare the securty and privacy for your aim.

6-You will not publish that anyone's identification documents, personal secrets or financial information is of critical importance in World of Skipper.

H)Mobile Phones and Other Mobile Devices

We currently provide our mobile services for free but please note that operator's normal fees and tariffs will apply


In case of any payment, you have to pay out of World of Skipper agree to our terms.

J)Special Provisions Applicable to Social Plugins

If you share and like buttons to add your website in Social Plugins, such as the following additional terms apply.

1-Internet users to share content on your site or links, we allow you to use World of Skipper's Social Plug.

2-You will not place any pages contents that may violate this Agreement as Social Attachment.

3-You will report to us the people in accordance with the principles acknowledge by clicking report.

K)Special Provisions Applicable to Advertisers

You can choose the audience you want by buying ads in World of Skipper. In order to provide advertisements via online advertising portal, the following additional terms apply to you.

1-When you order an ads,you will define the type of ads you want to buy, the amount you want to spend, and your bid will notify to us. If we accept your order, we will post your ads on the site if there is an advertising area as free. Publishing the ad, the ad will do our best to provide you specify the target audience but we can not guarantee that your ad will reach the target audience in each case.

2-You will pay for your orders in accordance with our requirements for payment. Followed by the amount you pay will be calculated on the basis of our systems.

3-Your ads in accordance with the provisions on advertising standards and regulations related advertising will be.

4-Your ads will be on the size, position, and the position will be determined by us.

5-We can not guarantee the amount of activity on your ads (clicks on your ads, etc.).

6-We can not control how the clicks your ads, powered systems to detect and filter out clicks are available in certain activities but we are not responsible for the click ads that may affect the cost of publication fraud, technical difficulties or other potentially invalid clicks.

7-You can cancel your ads at any time but cancelation will be up to 24 hours. You will be responsible for all the ads published on the payments.

8-You can use ads and related your informations and contents for your marketing and promotional purposes.

9-Without our written permission in advance, you will not declare press release or similar public announcement about your relationship with World of Skipper.

10-We can reject or remove any advertsing with any reason.

11-Running ads on behalf of someone else, must have permission to publish these ads, including:

11.1 The owner of the municipalities under the scope of this Agreement, binding advertising warrant that you have the legal authority.
11.2 Represented the owner of the ad in breach of this Agreement, you agree to the breach we can keep you accountable.

L)Special Provisions Applicable to Software

1-Expressly permitted under an open source license, or if you do not allow the express written, you can not copy our software, modify, create derivative works, decompile, or otherwise you can not work with us to take the source code.


1-Legal or administrative reasons, or to correct a false statement as long as we do not change, We will notice you in seven (7) days (for example, by publishing the changes on World of Skipper Site Management Account) and we will give an oppurtinity to comment these replacments and changes to you. In addition, to receive updates about changes to this Agreement you can visit our account is World of Skipper Site Management "and like".

2-If we make changes to the provisions or principles specified in this Agreement, we can declare these replacments and changes in World of Skipper Site Management.

3-Conditions of World of Skipper continued use after making changes means you accept our terms ranging.


The essence of this Agreement or any breach or side is the text of a risk or possible legal exposure in the event of another, we can cancel to promote or serve World of Skipper to you. By e-mail or through this situation, the next attempt to provide access to your account will let you know. Also you can delete your account at any time, or you can disable the application. In such cases, this Agreement shall terminate, but the database will be stored historical data.


1-This Agreement is exclusively associated with World of Skipper, or from either of them occurring in any cause of action or dispute (in the case), Istanbul / Turkey resolved in the courts located within the executive. This Agreement, as well as any charges that may occur between You and to our side, without regard to conflict of law provisions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey. In order to resolve these types of issues in the case in Istanbul / Turkey agree to be bound by the jurisdiction of the courts in the Republic of Turkey.

2-Any activities on the World of Skipper belongs to you, any person in relation to the content and information, to us if you bring a lawsuit against the us and you, all on the subject of litigation resulting from the damage or against any expenditure (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) shall not be liable for any damages side as World of Skipper.

3-Determine the rules for user behavior, although we do not control the actions of users on the World of Skipper, We are not responsible for the content and information which is shared or transferred to the site by users.

P)Special Provisions Applicable to Users Outside the Limits of the Republic of Turkey

We try to build a global community which consist of standarts for everyone but at the same time we are trying to ensure compliance with the local laws. The following provisions outside the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey:

1-You agree to the transfer and processing of personal data within the Republic of Turkey.

2-If you live in a country embargoed by the Republic of Turkey, you will not make any commercial activities on the site (such as advertising or payments) or not build a platform application or web site.


1-This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties are related to World of Skipper and supersedes all contracts made before that.

2-Connected to this Agreement is determined to be unenforceable in any part, the validity of the remainder shall remain in force and will continue to protect.

3-If we fail to carry out any part of this Agreement if we are connected, it will not be considered a waiver of.

4-Out of this Agreement or any change in the waiver must be in writing and signed by us.

5-Any of your rights or obligations under this Agreement, you will not transfer your account to someone else without our permission.

6-Any merger, acquisition, asset sale, or in connection with the operation of the law or any other provision, the rights and obligations under this Agreement, all freely transferable by us.

7-Nothing under this Agreement, not hinder us to comply with the law.

8-This Agreement shall not provide any rights of a third party on behalf of

9-All rights not explicitly granted to you are reserved.

10-When you are using or accessing the site, you accept the laws and the all items of agreements.

World of Skipper